Life is a Cabaret Ol’ Chum

Well, another group of theatre fans took themselves off to Blackpool for a 3 course group lunch in Pizza Express (which surpassed our expectations and was exceptionally tasty and the staff were very helpful and friendly).

After lunch we walked the 2 minutes to The Opera House which is situated within the Winter Gardens and took our seats which were as usual in the mid stalls.  Going as a group booking had gotten us an unbelievably fantastic 70% off the ticket prices and so we had paid only £15 each per ticket.

To a packed audience we were treated to Will Young greeting us as the ever so slightly crazy Emcee.  The show was truly professional and the singing and dancing was top notch.  Will actually plays 2 characters and is equally as funny as both.

About 50% of the show is more like a play and during these times I wondered if my guests were enjoying the darker side of the show.  In many scenes there are only 2 actors at a time on stage and there is a lot of spoken word.

Guests said the hairs on their arms were standing up and they were entranced and at the end there were even tears (I always know the guests have truly got into the spirit of a show if there are tears).

I am a little biased and I think Will makes it but I have seen it twice, with him in the lead on both occasions, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

Go and see it for yourself if you get the chance for comedy, laughter, singing and dancing; along with shocks, suprises, a little bit of sauciness and tears – Cabaret really is a must see for any theatre lover.

Come and join us on a future trip – tickets still on sale for Priscilla – Queen of the desert (Manchester, February) and soon to be on sale for Mamma Mia – Blackpool, July 14).