Business Support

Ever just needed another pair of hands for a few hours, or feel the need to be able to duplicate yourself for the day to be in two places at once?

You may only need somebody in the office 1 day a week or 20 hours a month to deal with paperwork, filing or processing.  Are there sometimes two exhibitions or fairs on the same day which you’d like to attend?  The person in a 2nd venue doesn’t need to be you, it just needs to be a professional who can show your wares, answer questions and take those all-important future bookings or details of prospective clients/customers.

No staff but sometimes need to go away on business – to trade fairs or to the city to meet current or prospective clients.  Perhaps you even need a holiday – just a short break away will do.  No-one to man the phone, shop or office while you’re gone?  You don’t need to employ a 2nd member of staff – you just need someone trustworthy, polite, smart and with an ounce of common sense to run your business while you are away.

If you contract a freelance PA then you only pay a flat rate per hour for the number of hours you need, which means no work/no pay so you don’t need to pay for sickness or holidays.  There’s also no need for HMRC paperwork – no tax, no national insurance, no pension payments and of course no employment legislation to adhere to.  Now that’s got to be a bonus!

Enquire by email and we can arrange a meeting to see if there’s anything we can do to help.