Personal Coaching with Sharon

A life coach can be whatever you need it to be…a sounding board, a mentor, a critical friend.  A coach can help with your self-esteem, motivation and decision making skills.  An initial session can help you discover what is standing in the way of your goals and you can talk things out and decide what things need to be stopped, delegated or started.  Once the action points have been decided then weekly meetings can help which can be reduced to monthly meetings once you get yourself on track.

Bespoke sessions

Weight loss mentoring – you pay for that ‘fat club’ each week and love the recipes, the booklets, the social time and even the weigh-in (sometimes!) but you could just do with more than a quick 5 minutes looking at a food diary to find out where you’re going wrong when you just can’t get it under control.   Listening to half an hour of weight losses being read out doesn’t really help anybody.   Book in for a personal one to one session for one hour a week to fully discuss what is working for you and what isn’t and to find ways to keep you on track.

Smoking cessation cessations – for those who would just like some additional support.  Someone to remind you why you have given up, what the benefits will be, why you’re struggling and things you can do to help yourself.  Having given up smoking myself 15 years ago (yes, you never stop counting) I know what it feels like having been there, done that and, as they say, got the t-shirt!

Bridal coaching sessions – this is for the bride or groom who would like to do all the sourcing and organising for themselves but would like the added security of ‘someone who knows’ to guide them and make sure nothing is forgotten and things are done in a timely fashion.  Do you know how long it is that you must book a church or registrar before a wedding?  Do you know when your invitations should be sent out or what should be included in the envelope? Do you know what the formal line up is for a ‘top’ table or what the suggested format is for an ‘order of the day’ booklet.

Depending on how much time there is before the wedding; fortnightly sessions are recommended to begin with whilst all the balls are set in motion.  You will leave each session with a ‘to-do’ list for the next 2 weeks.  When all the main items are sourced and booked, this can then be reduced to monthly sessions.  Eight weeks before the wedding it is suggested you have weekly sessions just so that you know everything is covered.  It also gives you some time away from the frantic last minute preparations – just a bit of time out to talk things through over a coffee and get your head cleared to start another week knowing what is required to be done.

General sessions focussing on time management, motivation, support and self esteem  – these can be whatever you want them to be.  Maybe you just want to speak to someone who is not too close to you about a decision you need to make or maybe you have hit that mid-life-crisis point and need a bit of direction.  Perhaps you can’t deal with all the strains on you and you just need to talk to somebody about how you can get some ‘me’ time back or how you can find time for that hobby you used to have.

Just email Sharon with a quick comment on what you think you need help with and after an email exchange (which might be all you need) you can decide if coaching or mentoring sessions would help.