Bringing The Town Centre To You – save time and effort

You know what it’s like – you remember you need that special birthday card a little too late or you’ve been meaning to go to the shop all week but have just had to work too many hours.

You end up needing to call at the supermarket or corner shop on the way home where you will pay twice if not more times as much for the card and will also spend £25 on stuff you didn’t even need!

Maybe that bag of dry cleaning (and shoes that need repairing) is still stuck in your spare bedroom? Every Monday you see it and realise that you forgot to take it into town at the weekend – again!  You could drive into town at lunchtime and spend a couple of quid on fuel, another on the parking meter and rush round and probably forget to have some lunch.

What might be easier? Well, if you go to work in the car, just fling it in the boot tonight while you’re thinking about it and then give me a call to find out what day of the week I’m next in your area.

S L Solutions brings the town centre to you.  Calling at out of town businesses to collect dry cleaning, ironing, shoe/boot or clothing repairs.  Prices are very similar to store prices (not overly inflated) but we do also save you fuel, parking fees and most importantly time!  Time is precious – save time to spend doing something else other than struggling across town with an armful of clothes hangers!

I sell greetings cards, wrapping paper and gift bags as well as those items you sometimes need for your drawer or for when a small emergency arises – tissues, safety pins, needle and thread, lozenges, body spray and even tights for when those ladders appear before that 10am meeting!

Think I can help you save time?  Drop me an email on and I’ll do what I can to make your life easier.

Current contracts in the following areas: Globe business park – Accrington, Greenbank Technology Park – Blackburn, Walker park – Darwen and Manchester Airport business park.