Wedding organisation and event management

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary party or a christening – there’s just so much to think about isn’t there? A venue, invitations, catering, cake, entertainment, decorations and styling.

In the lead up to the event there are so many decisions to make and so many things to remember to do.  You can spend hours on the internet and phone researching recommendations, checking availability and booking a dozen service providers.  Then you have to remember to pay all the deposits and remember by what date each balance must be paid.

On top of that you have to think of a theme, design some invitations, write them, post them, keep track of the replies and make sure everything comes together on the day.

And in all this time you should just be enjoying yourselves as a couple – making plans, looking for dresses or suits, choosing your Bridesmaids and Groom’s party and planning those all-important hen and stag weekends.

With the excitement of a wedding often comes the rather mundane task of informing half the country that you have moved and in a lot of cases that you have also changed your name.

Whether you need our help from the beginning,  if you’re having a panic because the day is approaching faster than you imagined or you might even just want someone to oversee things on the day and make sure everyone gets paid and have someone there that people can go to if there are any concerns.

Whatever your dilemma just send us an email and we’ll put your mind at rest and make the whole process a much more enjoyable and much less stressful one.