I’ve been busy – what’s your excuse?

So much happens every minute of every day: Life is short. Help is available.

Work. Family. House. Business. Errands. To-do lists. Occasions. Shopping. Hobbies. Cooking. Memos.

Time passes us by so quickly – we need to spend as much time as we can doing the things that are important to us – to our souls.

In the past 12 months I have gained clients, my mum has been poorly in hospital, I have been on holiday, my auntie got ill and sadly passed away, I have organised 4 trips, We’ve had a Christmas break, I have had 2 houses for sale and am in the process of buying 1.  I have made friends and lost friends but what I haven’t done is kept my website up to date!

What have you been busy doing?  What do you need help with?

Do you struggle with time and the pressures of life or do you struggle with mobility?

I’m your everyday PA.  Call me and see if I can help.  Have a look at my services page.

Admin. Errands. Repairs. Data input. Gift wrapping. Packing. Shopping. Sorting. Relief work. Temp cover. Ironing.

Whatever help you need – just get in touch and we’ll make a plan.