All in a day’s work for a VA

Have you ever had one of those day’s?  Well, today was one of them but, as always, I thrive on a challenge.

Technology let me down on a number of occasions today.  First of all I felt like I was in a twilight zone when trying to make a booking for one of my events – but perseverence is worthwhile and I was extremely pleased with the outcome – many clients were very happy with the outcome of that telephone conversation.  It HAD , however, taken me probably a total of an hour and a half making multiple phone calls and reaching multiple voicemails!

Then, a number of emails disappeared into an abyss, for no apparent reason other than my phone didn’t like the weather I presume, so that was work I needed to duplicate.

I was sent a flyer by a client to promote an event for her business, only to find the format wasn’t functional for its intended purpose.  But it’s okay – a good hour’s sourcing and research brought me to my answer!

Finally, as I was just about to implement the solution – lo and behold – I get the purple screen of death on my computer which then proceeds to shut down and restart leaving me rattling through some paperwork until I could ‘get back to it’!

So, here I am and once again it’s midnight.  Another day over – I wonder what tomorrow might bring?

Perhaps I need a VA!?………