Everyone needs a PA!

S L Solutions = PA help.

If you’re running around trying to get the perfect lifestyle, thinking one day it will get easier – what if that day never comes?  What if you just collapse and everything grinds to a halt, or something worse happens and you lose someone close to you – would it have been worth it?

Do yourself a favour – free up some time for whatever makes you happy.  You only live once and you want to be able to say you enjoyed the ride.

Take a few minutes to think about your current situation.  What it is that makes you cross, tires you out or gets you down.

What keeps you busy?  It could be running a business or running a house or both.  Whatever it is, just delegate some tasks to a PA so that you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

What can a PA do?

At home it could be the pet sitting, shopping, ironing, dry cleaning/alterations/prescriptions/library books.  At work it could be the filing, the project work, the invoicing or banking.  Maybe the bigger stuff gives you a headache – purchasing gifts, ordering flowers, sourcing a new house, holiday or flights?

Just drop an email with an idea of what help you need and we’ll get back to you with some options of how a PA could help you.

What is a PA?

Personal Assistant:   a secretary or administrative assistant to an individual

Synonyms: Girl Friday, assistant, secretary, go-to girl, factotum, helper, supporter, ms fixit, right-hand woman, hired hand, aide, deputy, confidant, lackey